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Saturday, April 7, 2012

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Upon being voted into office of the Presidency, and upon being duly sworn by a US Supreme Court Justice into office by taking the Oath of Office (at the White House), I, Silvia Stagg, as United States President, shall immediately sign into Executive Order and later into Codified Law, and Perform Life Extension Healings of what we refer to as the World's HUMAN Population (Animal/Marine Life as well), Consisting of:

(1) At least a Disability Healing for Age for All Minority Persons (with exceptions for Murderous-Voluntary Manslaughter-Espionage-Black Ops Mind Turn Perpetrators), and

(2) a Life Extension Healing for Age or a Life Extension Healing to Twenty One years of Age with Excellent Health For Age for All Lawful (Non Murderous-Non Voluntary Manslaughter-Non Espionage) White Christian European Descent Race Persons, and

(3) a Disability Healing for Age, For Non Lawful White Christian European Descent Race Persons (with exceptions for Murderous-Voluntary Manslaughter-Black Ops Mind Turn-Espionage Perpetrators), and

(4) White Christian European Descent Race Persons who are truly physically Disabled/Handicapped, Retarded or Seriously Autistic Adults are given Latitude since they are often targeted to commit heinous criminal offenses (handled case by case), and

(5) We may grant additional Latitude to White Christian European Descent Race Children under eighteen (18) who have been targeted to perpetrate violent offenses (handled case by case), and

The Government of the United States of America, the Lawful People of the United States of America as National Security Witnesses, and myself shall determine the legal status of each person worldwide regarding bestowing Infinite Life Extension on each person. 

Additionally, on the same day, I, Silvia Stagg after being sworn into the office of the US Presidency, I will commence dissemination of 'Make Pristine the World I, Make Pristine the World II, and Make Pristine the World III (Includes Most Trusted Programs such as: Hubusa-Spacehubusa-Spacecityusa-Moonbaseusa-Spacestationusa) after performing expeditious and thorough environmental, stress-weight, functional, human, and infinity series impact studies. 

Silvia Stagg
A Good Gnome Individual
National Security Victim Witness
Filed with (US DOJ) US Department of Justice since December 1994, et al, etc.
US Presidential Candidate
Filed with Federal Election Commission (FEC) and US Office of Government Ethics since August 4-2011
Republican - Democrat - Write In - Independent Candidate!
Copies Welcomed To Promote Most Trusted Programs and Silvia Stagg's Candidacy
US DOJ - US Congress Copyright Protected



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